CCRP publishes materials to extend the state of the art and explore the implications of information technology to national security, as well as related areas of command and control (C2) and information warfare.

The following is a current listing of CCRP-sponsored publications, some of which were published jointly with the National Defense University Press. Opinions, conclusions, and recommendations expressed or implied within are solely those of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the views of the Department of Defense, or any other U.S. Government agency. Cleared for public release; distrubution unlimited. Portions of these publications may be quoted or reprinted without further permission, with credit to the DoD C4ISR Cooperative Research Program, Washington, D.C. Courtesy copies of reviews would be appreciated. The publications are available for viewing in their entirety or as an abstract by clicking on the hyperlinked titles. To learn more about these publications, or to order a copy of one of these titles, contact our publications coordinator. Or, if you prefer, you can type in online and print out a fillable publication order form and fax or mail it to us.

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Command and Control || Information Technology || Operations Other Than War

Command and Control

Chamberlain, Sam "Default Operational Representations of Military Organizations"

Alberts, David S. "Coalition Command and Control: Peace Operations."

Alberts, David S. "Future of Command and Control with DBK."

Alberts, David S. "Mission Capability Packages." January 1995.

Alberts, David S. and Thomas J. Czerwinski. Complexity, Global Politics, and National Security. June 1997.

Alberts, David S. and Richard E. Hayes. Command Arrangements for Peace Operations. May 1995.

Allard, Kenneth. Command, Control, and the Common Defense (revised edition). October 1996.

Allard, Kenneth. The Future of C2: Information War, Turning Point.

Czerwinski. "Command and Control at the Crossroads." 

Czerwinski, Tom. Coping with the Bounds: Speculations on Nonlinearity in Military Affairs. May 1998.

Kuehl. "Airpower and Electricity." 

Kuehl. "Roles and Missions." 

Libicki, Martin C. and Stuart E. Johnson, eds. Dominant Battlespace Knowledge. April 1996.

Maurer, Martha E. Coalition Command and Control. 1994. [Abstract]

Information Technologies and Information Warfare Operations Other Than War

* NOTE: Several of these papers have been published in the National Defense University's Strategic Forum series. The Strategic Forum provides summaries of work by members and guests of the Institute for National Strategic Studies and the National Defense University faculty. These include reports of original research, synopses of seminars and conferences, the results of unclassified war games, and digests of remarks by distinguished speakers.

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