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Operational Programs

Foreign-Influenced Activity

As part of its Counter-Intelligence program, the Service also investigates threats to national security stemming from foreign-influenced activity. Expatriate communities in wealthy countries such as Canada are often large, well-organized and well-funded, making them attractive to foreign governments and dissident groups. Foreign influenced activities—the manipulation of and attempts to control ethnic communities by representatives of foreign governments—pose serious concerns for Canada’s national interests and are a violation of Canadian sovereignty. Certain countries use methods that Canadians would find abusive of basic human rights. The investigation of activities directed at émigré communities remains one of the Service’s priorities.

The Service, in its exchanges with the agencies of allied and formerly adversarial governments, strives to send the message that the targeting of Canadian citizens is unacceptable and subject to punitive diplomatic measures. CSIS attempts to persuade former adversaries that they have more to gain from cooperating with the Service than from spying on Canada and its citizens. However, there will always be governments that dismiss what they consider to be moderate methods and continue to monitor and coerce expatriate nationals in Canada.

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