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Operational Programs


The Service’s counter-intelligence resources are deployed against a variety of security threats from both traditional and unprecedented intelligence activities. The end of the Cold War has seen little, if any, lessening of espionage activity. Armed with new skills and specialized knowledge, adversaries have presented the Service with new challenges. Threats to national security from espionage and foreign investigative activity continue to be resource-intensive, with new and emerging threats developing in the areas of economic security, information operations, and proliferation. The efforts of foreign governments to appropriate proprietary information and technology covertly is a growing challenge to the Service.

While the threat is changing, traditional espionage and foreign interference continue to take place in Canada. Countries seeking to counter expatriate nationals who support homeland conflicts abroad continue to use their intelligence services to monitor, manipulate and threaten new Canadians, despite warnings from the Canadian government. Traditional intelligence- gathering and the monitoring of dissent are subtle in nature and require resource-intensive investigation.

It is not often that the Canadian government can demonstrate the necessity for a counter- intelligence service with examples that are in the public domain. The Russian illegals case (agents living in a foreign country under false identity) in Toronto in 1996 offered rare public insight into classic espionage in Canada. CSIS continues to monitor this area of threat, while working towards discouraging unacceptable activity by foreign governments.

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