Re: [iwar] Difference between IW and RA and Comp Sec etc

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On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Vernon Stagg wrote:
> Hi all,
> One of the problems I am facing during my research is a lot of the
> traditional comp sci
	I am one...

> people dont understand or disregard the issue of Information Warfare. There
	give us a chance. it is not as though it is as popular as a virus
and read on...

> also tends to be
> similar apathy in the commercial arena with managers, execs, etc.
	managers usually don't go along well with the trailing edge of the
technology :)

> Most consider it another form of computer security or that a Risk Analysis
> will fix
> everything up.
	i still consider it as a form of computer security. if not how do
u counter it ? That's a practical question and i really don't care about
which nations hate each other, and who is spying on whom and who wants to
attack whom. How do u defend yourself ?

> I was interested what some of the views from people here think to this -
> agree/disagree?
	agree ( from practical point)
	disagree ( from a philosophical/theoritical point)

> I personally disagree, and consider IW at a higher level where computer
> security and RA
> can be incorporated into the concept but are certainly very different
> methods. I also
> think that computer security and RA these days have simply been tweaked to
> include a lot
> of elements that fall outside their traditional scope, often with unwanted
> or unexpected
> results.

	Back to definition : What do u think is iwar ?


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