[iwar] Difference between IW and RA and Comp Sec etc

From: Vernon Stagg (vstagg@deakin.edu.au)
Date: 2001-04-06 02:40:15

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Subject: [iwar] Difference between IW and RA and Comp Sec etc
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Hi all,

One of the problems I am facing during my research is a lot of the
traditional comp sci
people dont understand or disregard the issue of Information Warfare. There
also tends to be
similar apathy in the commercial arena with managers, execs, etc.
Most consider it another form of computer security or that a Risk Analysis
will fix
everything up.

I was interested what some of the views from people here think to this -
I personally disagree, and consider IW at a higher level where computer
security and RA
can be incorporated into the concept but are certainly very different
methods. I also
think that computer security and RA these days have simply been tweaked to
include a lot
of elements that fall outside their traditional scope, often with unwanted
or unexpected

Just interested in a few opinions and maybe a little healthy debate.


Vernon Stagg B.Sc(Hons) - PhD Candidate
Department of Computing and Mathematics
Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria
Australia,    3217

email  : vstagg@deakin.edu.au
web1  : http://deakin.infowar.com.au/~vstagg
web2  : http://www.infowar.com.au/

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