Re: [iwar] Difference between IW and RA and Comp Sec etc

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Date: 2001-04-06 06:51:48

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Per the message sent by Vernon Stagg:

> Hi all,

> One of the problems I am facing during my research is a lot of the traditional comp sci
> people dont understand or disregard the issue of Information Warfare. There also tends to be
> similar apathy in the commercial arena with managers, execs, etc.
> Most consider it another form of computer security or that a Risk Analysis will fix
> everything up.

That matches my experience and expectations.

> I was interested what some of the views from people here think to this - agree/disagree?

I agree that this is the way it is.  I even agree that proper risk
management should be able to deal effectively with this.  The problem is
that risks from war are different from 'business' risks.  The concept of
the nation state was, in some sense, created to 'provide for the common
defense'.  It's not my corner drugstore's job to protect the nation from
military attack, but rather to pay the taxes to support that effort by
the organzations that are able to do so.

> I personally disagree, and consider IW at a higher level where computer security and RA
> can be incorporated into the concept but are certainly very different methods. I also
> think that computer security and RA these days have simply been tweaked to include a lot
> of elements that fall outside their traditional scope, often with unwanted or unexpected
> results.

I think it is more complex than that.


> Just interested in a few opinions and maybe a little healthy debate.

> Vernon

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