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>Most interested in more on this...


I'll perhaps send a part of a paper I gave a couple of years ago in San Antonio. 
I have to search for it... so it may take some time. 

>Per the message sent by Riccardo Sibilia:
>> We distinguish 5 operation types in IW: (the same way you distinguish aerial 
>> refueling, interdiction, etc. in air power)
>> [these are the result of our research here at IMS and in the "Swiss Crows" 
>> (local AOC chapter) community]
>> disruption;
>> deception;
>> destruction;
>> public information management and 
>> operational security measures.
>> As of psyops (for example), they can go in three distinct directions: 
>> deception (desinformation, works with wrong and specially manipulated 
>> public information management (works with true information that is used at 
>> right time, place, quality and quantity) or 
>Is this "selective" information?  If so, it is a form of deception, isn't it?

The word "selective" is not in the middle of this concept. The idea is to 
optimize and focus the true information you provide towards the goals you have 
set. You do not deceive anybody in a strict sense. Often it is also a matter to 
avoid furnishing arguments that can endanger your mission.

We focus on the effect on the decision cycle, so in this sense it is not 
deception, in my opinion.

>> disruption (where one tryies to reduce the opponents or public attention to a 
>> certain subject by "noise").
>Isn't disruption in this case a form of deception?

It depends. It can be done with infrasound, music on the tactical radio networks 
or by "higher level" noise for example in the media. In the end what you want to 
do is to DISRUPT (slow down, de-focus) your oponent's decision cycle.


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