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German Pol Backtracks on Hack Germany Interior Minister Otto Schily has
taken at least a half-step back from a threat to use denial- of-service
attacks to shut down neo-Nazi websites in the United States and
elsewhere.  The statement Tuesday by Schily's spokesman was expected,
given the furor in Germany and elsewhere over the idea of a government
potentially getting into the hacking business.  "It's wrong to talk
about hacking," Schily spokesman Dirk Inger said, suggesting that media
accounts had misinterpreted Schily's previous remarks.  What was
reported "is not what the minister said," Inger said.  "It's very
important to fight against the far right and neo-Nazi sites on the
Internet because the number of sites has increased very much.  In the
last year, the number went up to 800.  These are mostly sites that are
put onto the Internet in foreign countries, so it's very difficult to
use German law.  We have to think about all the lawful possibilities."

ACLU Adds Warn Of 'Massive' Government Cyber-Snooping Ratcheting up its
attack on government cyber- surveillance efforts, the American Civil
Liberties Union (ACLU) is launching a print and Internet advertising
campaign that warns of "massive" government monitoring efforts.  In a
full-page ad set to debut later this month in issues of The New Yorker
and The New York Times Magazine, the ACLU warns that government
e-surveillance programs like "Carnivore" and "Echelon" are encroaching
on Fourth Amendment protections against "unwarranted government
surveillance." ACLU Associate Director Barry Steinhardt said today that
he hopes the ads will re-spark the national debate over government
surveillance efforts, prompting Congress, in turn, to move the issue to
the top of its agenda. 

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