[iwar] Spanner in the works!

From: Ozair (ozair_rasheed@geocities.com)
Date: 2001-04-24 04:43:38

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After waiting for an umpteen e-mails on the subject. I present my final
reply, which I wrote the very day I sent my first reply on the subject :-)


It is a teaser all right, but I guess it should not tease a wrong way.

The 85-88 gap is just to make things crystal clear, and at the same time to
challenge the world watchers (members of IW think tank) not take into
account of the political turmoil in Russia that led to its withdrawal from
Afghanistan and subsequent breakup of former Soviet Union into many small
states, and at the same time birth of the European Union Concept (late 88,
but still within the period), but I have distracted from the main topic
relating to IW.

If one takes a deep look at what does EU want--one word Greatness equal or
better than that of US, make no mistake, EU is in no way lesser than US,
technologically, politically and industrially, it may even be better at some
fronts, but what it lacks is SIZE and perhaps quantity of resources and of
course even an EX-super-power is something to reckon with--a greatness in
many ways. The cost for this greatness is EU coffers, and with Germany's
Bundesbank going full steam, there is no shortage of cash.

I remember reading in the London based fortnightly magazine The Economist
about the power that Europe was going to make once it was united,
politically and economically, but there was once catch--it did not include
Russia (soviet Union) and this was somewhere mid 88 era, thereby I had to
exclude it from the scope of the question.

Currently EU leaders are meeting at a summit and even BBC noted the
inclusion of Putin (adept at applying western media tactics to Russian style
government), and a man to learn from.

Prior to 1985, Russia (being the champion of Communism and being the bad
guy, had not been included in the Europe (note the change from EU to

I hope all of you are not bored with my long preamble.

I would like you to visit these sites that I have mentioned below, and then
tell me where do you see Russia, Europe or Asia. My choice of these sites
were mainly due to their popularity and supposed authenticity as reliability
is key to their business. The misconception (please allow me to use this
word) presented by www.lonelyplanet.com shows Russia to be a part of Europe,
technically making Europe larger than US, now this is something to marvel




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From: Markus Spindler [mailto:Markus.Spindler@ascom.ch]
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To: iwar@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Antwort: [iwar] Just a simple question

Nice teaser, Ozair.
I figured something like Asia and Europe, ever since
they sold Alaska to the US. I think sometime throughout
20th century there were some claims to Antarktika, too,
in relation with the science camps.
The 85-88 gap thrills me.
Waitng impatiently,



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