[iwar] News from China

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This is a news from Chinese website www.sina.com.cn

Since Sino-US airplane-collision on April 1, there is a political 
negotiation on the process. Meanwhile, a war in Internet has begun. Hackers 
from both sides attack the website of the other's country.

Chris Roland, the president of X-Force, a network security system company in 
Atlanta, says that since the collision, there are 40-50 hacker attacks 
between the websites of two countries each day. The number before collision 
is only 1-2.

Some hackers from US have attacked some Chinese websites, and some Chinese 
Hackers are planning to begin one-week attacking in the first week of May. 
Some US websites had succeed to trace the hackers and got some evidences. A 
hacker named ¡°PoizonBOX¡± from US had made 283 attacks to those domain 
ended with ¡°.cn¡±, most of these attacks took place in the recent two 

In the list of hackers by alldas.de, the number of action by ¡°PoinzonBOX¡± 
is the second. The attacks of ¡°PoinzonBOX¡± have no political tone. He only 
greets other hackers. The other track website, Atrition.org, also found that 
the websites of Chinese mainland and Taiwan are the favorite of US hackers. 
Recently there are more 400 relevant websites being attacked.

Chinese hackers are preparing for the counterattack, They will begin their 
one-week¡¯s attack from May 1. It is said that the attacks will be DDos 
(Distributed Denial of Service Attacks). If it is true, it will be the 
second attack tide launched by Chinese hackers (They called themselves 
Red-Hacker). The first time is in May of 1999, right after the bombing of 
Chinese embassy. The server of white house had to be closed for three days 
during the DDos.


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