[iwar] Another article from China

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This is another article from Chinese website www.sina.com.cn today.

A Chinese engineer working in Chinese branch of a famous US network 
equipment manufacture told something unusual during his oversea working 
period in the headquarters in US:

When I was working in the headquarters, I had noticed a working group 
consisted of about ten white males. Those guys never distributed their 
business cards and never talked to us foreign visitors.

An engineer from Taiwan told me those guys were representatives from US 
military. Their job is adding a backdoor to the software of router. If 
something happens, they can break down the enemy¡¯s network by sending 
special IP command packet. He told me keep away from those guys lest 
trouble. I knew from another Indian engineer later that it was also true in 
other companies, nobody like to mention it.

After I returned to China I reported this to the higher levels, they just 
told me ¡°Please shut up.¡± So I resigned. The product of this company 
occupies more than 80% of the total market of China. So the whole data 
networks of China are actually controlled by US. If an information war 
breaks out between China and US, the result is undoubtedly terrible.


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