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Subject: U.S. Government cyberdefense lacking

U.S. General Accounting Office reviews of 24 agencies (including Treasury,
the IRS, and Social Security) reveal that security gaps place ``a broad
range of critical operations and assets at risk from fraud, misuse, and
disruption.''  During the year 2000, 155 federal computer systems (some with
sensitive information) were taken over by unauthorized users who gained full
administrative privileges.  The military recorded 715 serious attacks in
that period.  [Source: Study of government computers faults security, by
Poornima Gupta, Reuters, 5 Apr 2001; PGN-ed

Bush comment inflames China: "President Bush stoked a new controversy on
US-China relations yesterday by saying unambiguously that the United States
would do 'whatever it took' to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese
attack, even if that meant using US military forces," says the Washington
Post. The New York Times also led with the story.

Anti-US sentiment growing: "Anti-Americanism is rising at ... an alarming
rate in Europe," says the Daily Telegraph. Britain's shadow foreign
secretary worries the US will be driven "into the chill embrace of

Aborted plot: A USA Today item asserts that, after the Bay of Pigs fiasco,
"the Kennedy administration considered a plan to blow up a US Navy ship,
fake casualties, and blame it on Fidel Castro."


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