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DISA official: Users should be accountable for security Military
personnel who fail to follow protocol in protecting Defense Department
systems from intrusion should be held accountable for threatening the
entire network, a Defense official said yesterday.  Maj.  Gen.  Dave
Bryan, vice commander of Defense Information Systems Agency, spoke at
the Jointable C4ISR Technology Symposium sponsored by the San Diego
chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association. 
Bryan said that out of 25,000 categorized attempts last year to hack
into Defense systems, 245 were successful and officials found that 96
percent of successful attacks could have been prevented if users had
followed protocols. 

Deputies want racism ban in cybercrime treaty Council of Europe deputies
urged drafters of the world's first cybercrime treaty Wednesday to
include passages making it illegal to spread racist propaganda and hate
messages over the Internet.  The Council's Parliamentary Assembly also
called for trafficking in human beings to be declared illegal in the
pioneering treaty, which is due to be passed in June in an effort to
harmonize laws on cyberspace.  The 43-member Council, a Strasbourg-based
watchdog for human rights across Europe, has met unexpected criticism
from industry and Internet groups for its efforts to define a common
position on hacking, fraud, computer viruses and other Internet abuses. 


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