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Federal authorities, security companies warn about China hacking Federal
authorities and security companies are warning American businesses to
protect themselves next week during a planned ``Labor Day Strike'' from
Chinese hackers upset over the recent spy plane incident.  The National
Infrastructure Protection Center, the FBI's cybercrime arm, said
Thursday that ``Chinese hackers have publicly discussed increasing their
activity'' from April 30 to May 7.  Those days coincide with two major
Chinese holidays, International Workers Day and Youth Day.  May 7 also
is the two-year anniversary of the bombing of China's embassy in
Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 

Hackers Cry Wolf on May Day 2001 The arrival of hacktivism, political
activists who protest online, and the growth of the professional
protestor has increased the pressure on financial services groups to
give in to the demands of protestors.  On May Day 2001 the earlier
protests in Seattle, Davos and Quebec will arrive on the streets of
London as The City braces itself for a day of anarchy.  Yet again the
media is warning of the dangers of anti-capitalist hackers targeting
institutions and the ensuing mayhem as the financial infrastructure
comes under stress.  However statistics over comparable protest periods
in June 1999 and May 2000 have shown that there has not been any
significant increase in deep intrusion activity.

China arrests Internet dissident, tries another Authorities have
detained two men for posting articles on the Internet promoting
political reform in China, a Hong Kong-based human rights group said
Thursday.  Lu Xinhua of central Wuhan city was arrested March 11 and
charged April 20 with ``incitement to subvert state sovereignty,''
according to the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy.  Lu
posted articles on the Internet promoting democracy in China and
documenting alleged human rights abuses by the Chinese government, the
information center said. 


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