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Michelle Delio 
France Presse Agence France Presse April 21, 2001, Saturday 

As tensions rise between China and the United States, computer-savvy=
 citizens of both countries have begun to wage their own war on the=

American hackers are urging each other to break into websites hosted in=
 China, and claim that US hackers have already penetrated hundreds of=
 Chinese websites. 

Chinese hackers are vowing to retaliate with a week-long attack on US-based=
 websites and computer networks, starting May 1. 

Security experts warn that these attacks could affect government systems,=
 and that outside of government all website owners and network=
 administrators should ensure their networks are well-protected. 

"These guys don't care who you are, they are just interested in how many=
 sites they can hit. Basically they are just out there collecting scalps "=
 said "Taltos," a security consultant and hacker from Budapest, Hungary who=
 has been closely following the underground online discussions on the=
 Chinese-US hack attacks. 

Messages posted on some of the underground Internet chat rooms indicate=
 that US hackers plan to continue the blitz they have dubbed the=

And on the Chinese side, "Many people here are frustrated with America. We=
 want to tell you what we think is wrong, but our government is too polite.=
 So we will say it on everyone's Internet," wrote Jia En Zhu, a 22-year-old=
 hacker who lives in Zhongguancun, a Beijing suburb, in one of the many=
 messages posted on the net. 

The Chinese hack attack is planned for May 1 through May 7th, peaking on=
 May 4, a Chinese holiday commemorating the country's first major student=
 demonstration, which took place in Beijing's Tiananmen Square 82 years=
 ago, on May 4, 1919, Zhu said. 

China's people have only had access to the Internet since 1997, but the=
 country's hackers have been quick to use it to make political points. 

The Internet has been a channel for attacks, apparently by Chinese hackers,=
 on US government sites in response to the May 1999 bombing of the Chinese=
 embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and for releasing viruses which destroyed=
 data on Taiwanese university servers. 

Taltos said that he wouldn't be surprised to see some new and nasty=
 computer viruses making the rounds of the Internet during the first week=
 of May. 

"If this cyberwar goes forward as planned, many Internet users will be=
 caught in the crossfire. So it's especially important to practice safe=
 computing during the first week of May." 


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