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Chinese crackers May attack US warns FBI The FBI yesterday issued an
alert warning system administrators to bolt up their security hatches in
order to block possible attacks next month by Chinese crackers bent on
revenge against the US.  The agency said a spate of Web page defacements
by the Chinese might be expected early next month because of heightened
political tension between the countries over the seizure of a US spy
plane.  The 7 May anniversary of the accidental bombing of the Chinese
Embassy in Belgrade may also prove to be a flash point, it warned.  In
an alert the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC)
warns of the increased likelihood of defacement or denial of service
attacks and the techniques it believes Chinese crackers might use. 

IBM computer is smart enough to beat hackers In one of its most
ambitious projects ever, IBM has unveiled a multibillion-dollar research
offensive to create business computers capable of doing simple tasks on
their own.  Over the next 5 years or so, Big Blue will marshal hundreds
of scientists and pour several billion dollars into Project Eliza, short
for "e-lizard." The name comes from IBM's chess- playing supercomputer,
Deep Blue, which had the brainpower-equivalent of a lizard.  Eliza's
offspring will have even more processing power, IBM says.  The aim: to
create "intelligent" computers capable of handling simple tasks, such as
correcting system failures and warding off attacks from hackers. 

IBM plans self-healing computers


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