[iwar] China Web Forum -- China's Hacker Skills Low, Security Poor

From: David Cowhig (dcowhig@public3.bta.net.cn)
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Chinese net forum have recently carried reports that there have been
several hundred attacks on Chinese websites carried out by a U.S. hacker
called PoizonBOx on .cn websites. The reports are not clear on whether
several hundred attacks were made on a few websites or several hundred
websites were attacked. An interview with PoizonBOx is at www.alldas.de


One April 27 posting on bbs.china.com calls for pinging attacks on the
White House website.  
Another posting referred to a Chinese hacker site connected with the
planned cyberwar at http://bbs.hacker.ccoo.com  That website is now
blank (a heading comes up but no content) Perhaps the authorities closed



Here is a summary from an article by "To Have or To Have Not" posted on
the People's Daily web forum yesterday, April 28, 2001:

Chinese hackers typically are not very skilled... just download some
software, maybe make a few trivial modifications. China's information
security problem is that the hardware, operating systems and
applications are all from foreign countries. The U.S. NSA knows all
about it and according to reports from Europe, scans 90 percent of the
world's email. Chinese hackers are getting their hacker tools from
foreign websites and are taking advantage of announcements of security
holes to attack sites that haven't fixed those holes yet. If the
foreigners stop making the announcements, the Chinese hackers can't do
anything.  All the Chinese hackers are doing is giving a free security
evaluation to the sites they attack.

The major problem is that Chinese internet sites and computers have very
many security holes and many people aren't away of security problems.
Although information security has become a bit of a racket in China --
many expert know that they can just download some information from the
Internet, impress some of China's leaders and get a big grant for info
security work.

So all you hackers, cool it!  Stop stirring things up. Instead do some
real serious work to bolster China's information security.

Some responses:
"I don't know what your reaction is to attacks on 400 Chinese websites
by U.S. hackers that have caused losses of USD 3.4 million!"

"No matter how you cut it, breaking into someone else's system is
In an earlier posting, the same author "To Have or To Have Not"
[Youmeiyou] suggested that since the U.S. was selling weapons to Taiwan,
China should stop some U.S. business equivalent in value. Youmeiyou
suggests stopping the Liantong CDMA project as retaliation.


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