[iwar] [anti-nato] NAVY EMAIL ADDRESSES!! (fwd)

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[FC - This is from the Anti-NATO email list - seems email-based activism
is alive and well.]

gordonj@navstarr.navy.mil (Jeffrey Gordon Navy spokesperson),
rodriguezf@navstarr.navy.mil (Francisco J. Rodriguez CAPT),
melendezc@navstarr.navy.mil (Carmelo Melendez LT), 
(Robert N. Skinner CDR), arroyoe@mercury.navstarr.navy.mil (Erick Arroyo),
diazr@navstarr.navy.mil (Ruth Diaz)

The above are emails that belong to several Navy officials and officers.  
Send then an email demanding that the U.S. Navy leave Vieques immediately.  
Spread these emails far and wide as well!!  Motivate others to do likewise.

Ben Ramos
Prolibertad www.ProLibertad.org
Vieques Support Campaign http://Palfrente.tripod.com


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