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Signals intelligence: "Intercepting communications with spacecraft no
longer makes economic sense ..., says James Bamford ...  .  He says the
NSA is concentrating on finding new ways to tap into, sort, and
manipulate fiber-optic, cell-phone, and internet data," reports Aviation
Week & Space Technology. 

Satellites as 'Achilles' heel': MSNBC says the Pentagon is taking
seriously the possibility of "a 'Space Pearl Harbor' -- a crippling
sneak attack against American satellites orbiting the planet" and has
hosted the first simulated war raging in space. 

Satellites vulnerable: Another MSNBC story notes the vulnerability of
the satellites the military relies on and lists some of the weapons that
could be used against them.  It does note that "many US military
satellites ...  have been 'hardened' to protect components against
radiation damage from nuclear explosions in space."

'Asymmetric ways' to attack: In a Chicago Tribune interview, a defense
expert notes that US adversaries will use "asymmetric ways that try to
undermine US strengths or exploit our vulnerabilities, [such as] weapons
of mass destruction -- chemical or biological weapons."

Hackers hit govt sites: Websites operated by the departments of Labor
and Health and Human Services were vandalized Saturday by hackers who
federal officials believe are from China, says the Washington Post. 

More to come? "Ongoing research compiled over the weekend suggests that
Chinese threats of a hacker attack on US Web sites is continuing to
build," says Newsbytes, quoting Vigilinx, a risk assessment service
company.  It expects "a major assault" this week. 

Cyber-robbery: "US banks ...  have suffered billions of dollars worth of
losses because of highly sophisticated attacks by domestic and overseas
hackers," says UPI, quoting three groups of experts. 


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