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U.S.  plays down reports of Chinese hacking Top U.S.  computer security

experts on Monday played down the significance of a spate of Web
vandalism bearing the hallmarks of pro-Chinese and anti-U.S. 
sentiments.  Rob Clyde, chief technologist of Symantec Corp., an
Internet security company, estimated about half a dozen high-profile
U.S.  Web sites had been defaced by purported Chinese hackers, including
ones at the Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services and
United Press International, a news agency.  But, Clyde added, ``it's not
May 1 yet.'' May 1 is International Workers' Day and China marks Youth
Day on May 4.  May 7 is the second anniversary of the bombing by a U.S. 
warplane of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, which NATO called a mistake
but many Chinese said was intentional. 

It's (Cyber) War: China vs.  U.S.  The first shots in a planned
week-long cyberwar between Chinese and American hackers were fired early
Monday, with Chinese hackers claiming credit for defacing a dozen U.S
websites.  The attacked sites include the MCI Center in Washington,
several Air Force sites and websites operated by the departments of
Energy, Labor, and Health and Human Services. 

White House history site hit by pro-China hackers A Web site
specializing in White House history returned to normal on Monday,
following an online attack in which hackers posted Chinese flags.  The
defacement follows a flurry of similar assaults over the weekend on
federal agency sites.  The White House Historical Society, which offers
books and educational materials about the presidential home, fixed its
site soon after the cybervandalism was noticed Monday morning. 

Hackers vandalize Labor, Health and Human Services' Web sites

U.S., China vandals deface Web sites

Chinese hackers strike U.S. sites

Defacements rise in China hacker war

More Details Emerge on Expected Chinese Hack Attacks

Kashmiri hackers attack BBC news service Corporation takes server
offline to investigate politically motivated attack.  The British
Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has confirmed that hackers supporting the
liberation of Kashmir have attempted to break into a server used to
provide information to BBC staff around the world.  A spokesman for the
UK's publicly funded broadcasting corporation said the attempted
break-in did not compromise any information held by the server.  The
attack is thought to have been carried out by hackers supporting Kashmir
independence who intended to post Kashmiri separatist slogans to the
http://www.zdnet.co.uk/news/2001/17/ns-22544.html - - - - - -

Singapore Power falls prey to hacker A Singapore Power Web site, which
allows users to view their bills online, was hacked early last Friday. 
According to Attrition.org, an independent organization that records
hacking incidents, can.com.sg was defaced by LaZyBird_z.  Can.com.sg was
created by Singapore Power Ltd (SP) to allow residents here to view and
pay for their utility bills online, according to a company description. 
Among other services, Can.com.sg also allows users to hunt for
properties on sale, post property advertisements, locate roads or
buildings in Singapore and book Town Council facilities. 

Threats to information systems on the rise As Air Force reliance on
computers and information systems has grown, so has the propensity for
adversaries to exploit them to do damage.  The Air Force has experienced
a steady increase in the number of attacks against its information
systems, and experts agree that the number of attacks is only going to
increase.  One reason is the availability, ease of use, and
sophistication of publicly available computer-attack software.  Such
attacks once required the skills of a computer expert.  They can now be
achieved by the novice computer user armed with easily obtained
software.  The novice attacker is not the only threat. 

Hackers get $1-million dare to crack Saafnet's security A Canadian
startup is so convinced its network security device is bulletproof from
cyberattacks that it's willing to pay $1-million (U.S.) to anyone who
can break through.  Saafnet International Inc.  of Burnaby, B.C., said
that with the adoption of high-speed Internet access, such as cable
modems and digital subscriber lines (DSL), home computer users are
increasingly vulnerable to cyberburglaries and cybervandalism if the
connection is always on.  So the one-year- old company has developed
hardware called AlphaShield, which fits between a computer and a modem. 
Users can surf the Web as usual, but the device intermittently
disconnects the computer.  That prevents virtual thieves from having
enough time to enter and tamper with the computer system. 

FBI head hunt to quell cyber war, etc.  etc....Part 1 Gorillas pounding
their chests, that's what these hackers are.  Checking each other out,
sizing up the other, non-stop bickering, threats, rumors, racism.  It's
totally ridiculous, the same old same old unending garbage.  But this
macho jostling is not about to end.  Oh, no we should be so lucky.  As
of tonight, an all out no holds bar attack will strike um, who knows
where, but chaos and pandemonium are to be expected.  Sigh. 
http://www.securitywatch.com/newsforward/default.asp?AID=7336 FBI head
hunt to quell cyber war etc.  etc.  ...  Part 2
http://www.securitywatch.com/newsforward/default.asp?AID=7335 FBI head
hunt to quell cyber war etc.  etc.  ...  Part 3


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