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Date: 2001-05-04 06:37:14

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You wrote:
Should I have added a
? top the end of my subject line?

I defer to you Sir. ;)

Realizing this list consists of all backgrounds with all perpectives
it makes prob any and all things worth throwing out. As a beltway guy I am
here to tell you (as an INFOSEC pro) this guy is a charlatan, and his
company's success supports this theory. Also he wears his NSA title as badge
of honor, yet this time his writing actually compromises classified
information. I have already sent a note about this to a friend of mine that
works there, so we'll see where this goes, if anywhere.  

Hope New Haven is as nice as D.C. is today..

Jim St.Clair
Critical Infrastructure Protection
(703) 412-4611

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Subject: RE: [iwar] interesting piece (fwd)

Per the message sent by St. Clair, James:

[FC - off list]
> This piece is far from interesting. It is rehashed "old news" from an
> that exploits his drinking buddy contacts while compromising alleged open
> investigations to reinforce his "look at me!" personality. It's not worth
> the paper in the gin-soaked cocktail napkin he wrote it on.
> No criticism intended to Fred for running it or Tony for commenting - just
> my 2 cents.

This is one of the things I really like about the list.  You get
peoples' views without anything harsh or abusive.  I do not feel
criticized at all by it - keep up the commentary.  Should I have added a
? top the end of my subject line?

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