[iwar] Two report from China

From: mo haitao (tony_mht@hotmail.com)
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Recently the reporters have visited ¡°poizonbox¡± and ¡°prophet¡±, two of 
the most active hackers in the attacking action of Chinese websites. I pick 
out parts of the conversation.

Conversation 1
Reporter: I heard your name recently in the Sino-US hacker conflict. It is 
reported that you have attacked many Chinese websites. Can you tell me why 
you do so?
PoizonBox: We just do what we like to do. We have not special political 
intention, we also have not concrete attacking plan.
Reporter: Have you read those reports and discourse about you? What is your 
view about these comments?
PoizonBox: There are many inconsistent with the facts. For example, I am 
actually not an American.
Reporter: I learned from an article that you had attacked some British 
websites. Why you chose British websites as your attacking targets?
PoizonBox: I am a hacker. I have my freedom to attack. I think I have right 
to attack any website.
Reporter: Do you only attack those websites outside of US? Why?
PoizonBox: Because I have ownership of some US governmental websites.
Reporter: It is said that every time you mainly attack the websites only of 
one country. Why?
PoizonBox: No special reason. We are destroyer of network. We only follow 
our feeling.
Reporter: What is the main reason you take part in hacker activity?  Just 
because you like it?
PoizonBox: Network attacking is my job, my fancy, and even my life. I need 
it just like I need water and air.

Conversation 2:
Reporter: What is your occupation.
Prophet: I am a network administrator of an ISP.
Reporter: You are friend of PoisonBox. Have you meet?
Prophet: Never. We communicate with each other through e-mail.
Reporter: What is the standard of your attacking target?
Prophet: At first I only chose some websites at random. Now I mainly attack 
those websites ended with edu.cn or ac.cn. Sometimes I also attack those 
websites ended with .cn.
Reporter: You once said that you did not want to fight a network war. What 
kind of action do you think  you are doing?¡¡
Prophet: I know my attacking action will not bring great negative affection 
on those target websites. I only modify their homepages. I think this 
competition only provide an occasion for whose viewpoint being more 
acceptable by the network users. I don¡¯t hate Chinese government and 
Chinese people. But I have different opinion with them. I just show my 
viewpoint to more people.
Reporter: Why US hackers can break into Chinese websites so easily?
Prophet: I think the quality of Chinese network security administrators are 
popularly not very high, that is the main reason.
Reporter: Do you believe the Chinese hackers will begin a furious network 
battle from May 1?
Prophet: I think they have such plan. It may result in some defacement of US 
homepages. The number of Chinese hackers is very large now. We should not 
underestimate their abilities.
Reporter: Have the US hackers prepared for it?
Prophet: We don¡¯t make a big deal out of it. Of course we will pay 
attention to the action of Chinese hackers.
Reporter: What do you think is the result of this Sino-US competition?
Prophet: I think such mutual threat and attack will end quickly. Maybe those 
hackers getting fun from defacement will be sick of it soon. Maybe the media 
from both sides will be fed up with the conflicting.


From these two conversations we can find that these hackers have not 
explicit intention. Actually they don¡¯t care politics. They have no 
hostility to the opponents. Their motivation sometimes sounds very 
na&iuml;ve and unreasonable. It is fortunately because none really like a 
war. But to those criminologists, such unmotivated crime is most difficult 
to prevent.

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