[iwar] Introduction about Chinese hacker groups

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Subject: [iwar] Introduction about Chinese hacker groups
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This is an article from Chinese website: www.sina.com.cn


May attack is the first time Chinese hackers act collectively. In this well 
organized plan, there are three major hacker groups: Chinese hacker union 
(CHU), Honker union of China (HUC) and Chinese hawk.
In this action, CHU began their SCS (South Chinese Sea plan) at first on the 
morning of April 30. It was ahead of May 1 because many of media had 
reported the attack would begin on May 1, so they wanted to attack US 
websites unprepared. HUC began their attack after 12PM of April 30.
In this action, every group has its sign. CHU used Chinese flag and the 
photo of pilot WangWei as their replacing homepages. HUC also chose Chinese 
flag as their attacking symbol. Chinese Hawk added the picture of Mao in 
their page. The uniform style impressed US network security specialists 
deeply. The defaced homepages by these groups seldom had aggressive 
In two daysĄŻ attack, they mainly attacked those websites ended with .com. 
The websites of .gov and .org will be the coming targets. Chinese hacker 
groups avoid attacking the websites of .edu. They also forbid their members 
destroy the websites. The only thing they can do is defacing.
The reporter has visited CHU and got their permission to disclose some 
detail of this organization. CHU was founded one month ago. It develops from 
20 people to more than 1000 members in 12 days. Its members were well 
organized. They were divided into three levels. The freshmen attack 
commercial websites under the guide of seniors, most of them are students. 
Knights are some senior experts. They attack independently and also instruct 
those freshmen. The third level was consisted by some truly specialists. 
They attack those most difficult targets. No more than 30 people in this 
group. They are counselors of network security companies or high-grade 
The average age of CHU is only 19. This age of HUC is 23.
Chinese Hawk is a left-wing radical group. It had organized some actions 
such as attacking the abroad websites of FaLunGong in February and some 
websites of Philippines recently.
Statistics from these groups that there are more than 1000 US websites being 
attacked. This number is bigger than the number reported by the media. 
Because most of attacked websites recover their homepages quickly. Few of 
them have reported the attacking.

Tony Mo
May 4, 2001

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