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If anyone on the list wants to help me express views in this forum,
please let me know...  As an aside, since I am followed by Mr.  Adams,
now's your chance to let me know what you would like to express...


-- (IMG2 RADIO-WIRE) -- 05/04/01 -

Cyberterrorism & The Future of War... on The Webmaster Show 

"We will use whatever tools we can - e-mails, the Internet - to facilitate
jihad against the (Israeli) occupiers and their supporters." -  Sheik Ahmed
Yassin, Founder of the militant Muslim group Hamas.

WHAT:  In the wake of the most recent round of Chinese hacker attacks on
U.S. government web sites, The Webmaster Show is once again
first-on-the-scene to provide radio listeners with a fascinating and topical
discussion about information security, global cyber threat intelligence
technology, cyber terrorism and the future of war.  Featuring live
interviews with two of the world's most widely recognized and highly
respected security experts, this week's The Webmaster Show is not to be

Plus, this week's show features a definitive recap of the week's top
Internet and technology news with live discussion and commentary, tech stock
market wrap, The Jay Melton Cyber Film minute, IMG2 Profile of the Week,
IMG2 Cool Tool of the Week, IMG2 Site of the Week and The Webmaster
Challenge (our FABULOUSLY COOL call-in tech-oriented trivia game show where

Also, tune in to The Webmaster Show for a guide to this coming week's
Internet radio content on IMG2.com, including a brief talk about the
companies being featured on Face to Face - widely recognized as one of the
top business and technology programs on the Net.  This upcoming week's Face
to Face shows will feature live interviews with the CEO's of
MYONLYCATALOG.COM (5/08/01) and UBID.COM (5/10/01).

All of this and a whole lot more on this week's The Webmaster Show!

WHO:   Featured Guest (11:30 AM): Dr. Fred Cohen, world-renowned security
researcher and Principal Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National

Fred Cohen is widely considered as one of the world's leading authorities in
information protection. All told, the protection techniques he pioneered are
now used in more than three quarters of all the computers in the world.

Dr. Cohen has authored over 120 invited, refereed, and other scientific and
management research articles, writes a monthly column for Network Security
magazine on managing network security, and has written several widely read
books on information protection. His latest book, Protection and Security on
the Information Superhighway, describes hundreds of vulnerabilities and
incidents, uses case studies to examine how organizations protect
themselves, and has been widely acclaimed.

As a consultant to the U.S. government, and now, as a Principal Member of
Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, he has been the principal
investigator on seminal studies in defensive information operations and has
worked as a principal investigator on the national information security
technical baseline series of reports. He has also worked in national
information infrastructure protection, with law enforcement, and with the
intelligence community to help improve their ability to deal with computer
related crime and emerging threats to national security. His most recent
digital forensic analysis tool provides state of the art digital forensics
to government, education, law enforcement, and corporations. 

Featured Guest (12:30 PM): James Adams, CEO & Co-Founder, iDEFENSE

James Adams is widely recognized as a leading authority on national security
issues, and has published 12 books on intelligence and covert warfare. He
was previously CEO of United Press International, where he repositioned the
aging news wire to become a 21st century knowledge provider with an
Internet-centered information collection and distribution technology

Mr. Adams serves on the National Security Agency (NSA) Advisory Board and
the Department of Defense's Joint Service Advisory Group. He appears
frequently on national television and lectures for major forums such as the
World Economic Forum, Internet World, ZD Comdex & Forums, Forbes and the
Gartner Group, the National Defense University, the Defense Intelligence
College, the Brookings Institute, and other institutions.

Mr. Adams is also CEO and Co-Founder of iDEFENSE. iDEFENSE, is a warning and
intelligence security and risk management company. Through its global
collection and analysis network, iDEFENSE provides advanced warning and
analysis of threats to an organization's critical information

iDEFENSE has an impressive list of Fortune 100 clients that includes
Microsoft and Citigroup as well as major government agencies. The company
has a United Kingdom operation and will initiate business in Japan later
this month. Several other major domestic and international partners will be
announced shortly. 

http://www.img2.com/ and available through various traditional radio
affiliates across the USA (now in Chicago, Anchorage, Richmond, Las Vegas,
Tampa and Boston too!).  Please check site for local radio availability in
your area. Also available (post-LIVE event) on-demand, in perpetuity, in the
IMG2 Radio archive:

WHEN:  Saturday, May 05, 2001 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM PDT LIVE.

WHY:  Get the news from those who make it!  IMG2 is the premier source for
Internet and technology related interview and audio content and a leader in
Internet broadcasting geared towards the Internet industry.

About The Webmaster Show -

As far as syndicated radio programs go, The Webmaster Show is in a class all
its own.  Widely recognized for live one-on-one interviews with the
Founders, CEO's and Top Execs of today's leading Internet and technology
companies, The Webmaster Show also provides a weekly source of timely
information on the Internet economy, technology news, statistics, success
stories, ideas, emerging technologies, company profiles and relevant market
information.  Fun, entertaining, interactive and educational:  The Webmaster
Show is the best Internet and technology show available.

Host:  John Pack "The Webmaster"
Co-Host:  Pat Smith
Supervising Producer:  Jason Ramirez
Executive Producer & Resident Wordsmith:  Scott E. Rodder

About IMG2 Broadcasting -
IMG2 Broadcasting is up to the-minute news, interviews and commentary on
issues currently affecting the global Internet and technology community.  A
fresh and progressive source of original radio programming, IMG2
Broadcasting features LIVE, daily webcasts streamed continually and
available on-demand on a 24-hour-per-day, 7-day-per-week basis.  (Five new
shows in development, stay tuned!)

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IMG2 Radio-Wire is released over InternetWire

Hosts/Partners:  Various (see site for show descriptions)
Supervising Producer:  Jason Ramirez
Executive Producer & Resident Wordsmith:  Scott E. Rodder

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