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May 3, 2001

FBI: Lucent workers gave secrets to Chinese firm Federal authorities
Thursday charged two Lucent Technologies scientists and a third person
with stealing and giving company technology to a Chinese company.  The
three men were arrested by the FBI on Thursday and were scheduled to
appear in federal court for a hearing in the afternoon, the U.S. 
attorney's office said.  Arrested at their homes were Hai Lin of Scotch
Plains and Kai Xu of Somerset, the Lucent scientists, and Yong Qing
Cheng of East Brunswick, FBI agent Sandra Carroll said. 

Chinese, US hackers' cyber battle goes global A cyber-war between
American and Chinese hackers, in which hundreds of official websites
have been defaced, is to escalate today as hackers from other countries
join in.  Chinese hacker Jia En Zhu said that today, the Chinese
national holiday of Qingnian Jie or Youth Day, would be the "big day" in
the unofficial war during which Chinese Government sites have been
defaced with anti-Chinese slogans and racist jokes and US sites scrawled
with messages like "Beat down the imperialism of America." Jia En Zhu
said: "We are already inside the US Government's computers, and we can
hurt them if we choose to.  What we are doing is not a war, though. 
This is just the way hackers have fun."

China steps up security around domestic websites China said Thursday it
had boosted security of domestic websites in response to a surge in the
number of attacks by hackers since this April.

Pro-China Hackers Hit House Clerk's Office

Four out of five Web sites fail cyberattack test A survey of three
million Web sites has found that four out of five are vulnerable to
attack -- Australian banks among them.  Out of three million Web sites
tested worldwide, 80 percent have been given the thumbs down when it
comes to security vulnerability, exposing a large number of
organisations and governments to hackers, criminals and vandals.  The
study, by Unisys Australia's IT Security Consulting Services, randomly
tested three million .com, .net, and .au domains for security holes, and
found 80 percent of Web sites transacting on the Internet open to damage
and theft as the correct technology is not in place. 

Banks fail cyberattack test

SEVEN DAYS OF SPAM A writer responds to e-mails making big promises but
finds himself no richer, smarter or sexier after all the effort.  In a
single week, fabulous treasures were mine for the asking.  Great wealth. 
University degrees.  A hunky body.  Pristine credit.  Bigger breasts. 
Snoreless nights.  Enhanced sexual endowment.  Sure-fire stock tips. 
And a potion to make me irresistible to both men and women.  In other
words, I got a week's worth of spam, the unsolicited junk e-mail that
clogs inboxes with incredible bargains, miracle cures and unbelievable
schemes.  In a single seven-day period, a total of 107 spams found their
way into my three e-mail inboxes. 


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