[iwar] News from China

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News form Chinese website: http://tech.sina.com.cn/i/c/66178.shtm

lLion, the writer of í░lioní▒ virus, the leader of HUC (Honker Union of 
China), interviewed the media on May 8. 21 years old, lion graduated from 
the computer science department of a university. He accessed to the Internet 
only from last March, but now he is the principal of HUC, a hacker group 
having 4000 members.

Plan of counterattack:
After the attacking of US hackers, I planed to hold a mobilization meeting 
to fight back on April 30. I wanted to decide the action of counterpunch 
after the meeting. But on April 25 there was a revenge statement in the 
Internet counterfeiting my name and said the attack would begin on May 1. So 
in fact I was forced to begin the action on May 1.

Motivation of counterattack:
I think the motivation of the hackers such as PoizonBox who attacking 
Chinese websites isní»t very pure. Their technical level is very common, but 
they used Chinese websites as their victim to reach the goal of fame. The 
real hacker spirit is not flaunting, but exchanging the technology. So we 
hope to arouse the attention of relevant side in US and to beat those 
parading people.

The feeling of counterattack:
In this event the technical levels of both sides are very low, the 
enthusiasm plays the major role. My original idea is modifying the homepages 
of civilian websites, only destroying the data of governmental and military 
websites to arouse the attention of US side. Hacking is not our original 
goal. We hope to end this conflict earlier. None really like a hacker war.

Tony Mo
May 9, 2001

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