[iwar] Group to Release Filter-Foiling Tool

From: Tony Bartoletti (azb@llnl.gov)
Date: 2001-05-09 13:49:35

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Just a snippet from the SANS Digest:

>  --30 April 2001  Group to Release Filter-Foiling Tool
>A hacker group plans to introduce a peer-to-peer censorship-thwarting
>tool at this year's Defcon in July.  "Peekabooty" will be distributed
>between systems, and will allow people in countries that restrict
>Internet content to receive controversial web pages in a compacted,
>encrypted form that will not be filtered out.
>[Editor's (Murray) Note: Yes, and we all know what it will be used to
>share.  Perhaps they fooled the reporter but they do not fool me.]

"Used to share!?"  Shameful!


The hacker group is "Cult of the Dead Cow".

Yes Murray, the technology will be used in support of the illegal 
duplication and distribution of copyright materials, I am sure.  Just as 
FTP, Usenet, and other methods have been so used.

So, do what you can to catch the "criminals" in the act.

But do not sully the concept of "sharing", or attack the concept of 
products that enhance sharing, per se.  How sad that "sharing", now, seems 
to have "negative-first" connotation.


Tony Bartoletti 925-422-3881 <azb@llnl.gov>
Information Operations, Warfare and Assurance Center
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA 94551-9900


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