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Thanks for the good guy commentary.  It is nice to know that I can even beat
Pike at his own game ever now and then
PS-send me Tom Johnson phone number-he keeps forgetting to leave it after
asking me to call.
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Subject: [iwar] [tus] Re: China Blames U.S. for Yet Another Mid-Air
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> [American humor - thought the list might like something light on the
> Date: Friday, May 4, 2001 8:23 am
> Subject: China Blames U.S. for Yet Another Mid-Air Collision. (fwd)
> BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese officials have stated that they are
> holdingthe United States, "fully responsible" for today's mid-air
> collision,involving several Chinese aircraft and one American craft.
> This comes just weeks after a similar incident involving a U.  S.  spy
> plane.
> Officials have stated that at approximately 8:25 a.  m., GMT, a
> squadronof Chinese F-8 fighters collided with an American Goodyear
> Blimp.  The crash left over a dozen Chinese planes downed and the
> blimp's electronicbillboard damaged.  Sources say the billboard's
> scrolling marquee had been advertising the soft drink 7-UP, but after
> the collision, only thewords "Up yours" could be seen.
> A Chinese pilot who witnessed the collision between his squadron,
> nicknamed, "Panda Rash" told China's Xinhua news agency that he saw the
> American blimp dive out of the clouds and crash into wingman Sum
> YungGui's F-8 jet.
> "I told Yung Gui his tail was all broken.  'Keep it straight.  Keep it
> straight'", said the pilot.  "He just couldn't shake the American
> foreign- devil!" The blimp then reportedly veered hard left and then
> right, taking out the rest of the squadron.
> Pilot Chawp Suey told Xinhua the American blimp is "fully responsible
> for the incident", repeating the language Beijing has used in the
> earlier incident.
> China blames this new accident on the Goodyear blimp, saying it rammed
> the supersonic fighters, and has demanded an apology.
> Officials from the Goodyear Company have said it is unlikely that the
> slow propeller-driven blimp could turn inside and ram a dozen nimble
> fighters.
> "The direct cause of the collision was that the American blimp made a
> sudden big move toward the Chinese planes, making it impossible for the
> Chinese planes to get out of the way", Suey was quoted as saying.
> "The savage act of American blimps colliding with Chinese planes while
> conducting spying activities at sporting events makes us indignant", he
> was quoted as saying.
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