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Journalist Fights For Right To Publish SSN's The operator of a popular
politically oriented e-mail list said today that he would resist threats
from Kirkland, Wash., city officials who want him to remove a Web site
posting that lists the social security numbers of several Kirkland
employees.  Attorneys for Kirkland earlier this month sent a
cease-and-desist letter to Declan McCullagh, a reporter for Wired.com
and the longtime operator of the "Politech" e-mail list.  The letter
warns that if McCullagh fails to remove the Social Security numbers from
the Politech Web site, the city will "pursue all appropriate legal
remedies" against him.  McCullagh said today that he does not intend to
comply with the letter.  "I'm prepared to defend my First Amendment
rights to publish, because I think this is a case that clearly affects
other journalists," he said. 

Defense officials wary of computer security threats The Defense
Department is stepping up efforts to protect its computer networks from
hackers and terrorists, but it also must defend its systems from
insiders, lawmakers were told Thursday.  The Department is increasingly
dependent on a "global information environment" over which it has little
control, said Linton Wells, an acting assistant defense secretary.  That
dependence increases U.S.  vulnerability to threats externally =97 and
internally.  "Increasingly, we see that we have to be able to guard
against the inside =97 the Ameses and the Hanssens," he said, referring
to veteran intelligence agents accused of espionage. 

Europe moves to monitor all Internet traffic Under a draft proposal from
the European Commission, backed by police, all emails and other Internet
traffic would be logged and kept for up to seven years.  European Home
Office officials are supporting demands from law enforcement authorities
for logs of all Internet traffic to be stored for up to seven years, a
move that would increase police powers to intercept communications data. 
The initiative is contained in a draft proposal from the European
Commission on the processing of personal data in the electronic
communications sector.  If adopted, it would increase the data retention
responsibilities of network operators and service providers.  Ministers
involved in the European Council have agreed to back the police on the

How the government will track you down We've all seen films where
someone tags bears with radio transmitters.  Or slaps beepers under cars
to follow them without being spotted.  Or inserts gizmos through Arnold
Schwarzenegger's nose or Keanu Reeves's belly button in sci-fi flicks so
the bad guys can track every movement the hero makes.  Well get ready,
because they're about to make a real movie like this, and you're the
star.  Over 300 million people worldwide carry cell phones.  Most of
these devices are always on to receive calls.  Service providers today
can use triangulation or RF multipath "fingerprinting" techniques to
locate you within "a few thousand square feet, or up to six square miles
in rural areas," according to Bell Labs. 

Security outfit targets cDc anonymity app 'Peekabooty' The press has
been blissfully buzzing lately with rumors and long-shot speculation
about a privacy/ anonymity application called Peekabooty, which white
hat group Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) is developing for roll-out at this
year's Defcon convention in Las Vegas this July.  It certainly didn't
take long for UK-based security/censorware outfit Baltimore Technologies
to try to parlay the rumors into a fast buck by selling protection from
Peekabooty -- which it warns will shelter criminals and pedophiles and
lead to all sorts of crippling liabilities for corporate network
operators -- with its product MIMEsweeper. 

Can computer hackers alter vote results? CBCP's Arch.  Antonio Quevedo
of Cotabato, rightfully condemned Erap's treatment by the government
authorities.  No fair-minded person can dispute - that the manner Erap
was subjected to fingerprinting and photograph mug shots, and given a
cell with a doorless toilet and uncurtained windows - had no other
purpose than to humiliate him.  I don't know of a similar sadistic
treatment ever given to a head of another democratic country.  Note that
Arch.  Quevedo's criticism was published before the elections.  Was this
to avoid generating more sympathetic voters for the opposition?


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