Re: [iwar] Attrition stopping its services... NOT really...

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Date: 2001-05-21 08:03:21

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Hehehehe. Fred, don't freak people out. We're just stopping taking mirrors. 
As the relevant section mentions below, we will continue generating 
statistics through Alldas ( as well as the 
commentary. You'll notice the previous "news" email you sent was a 
commentary done by me using Alldas URLs. is not going anywhere. If anything, we're going to make our 
offerings as a whole a lot stronger and hopefully better serve the computer 
security community.


At 07:52 AM 05/21/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>As the mirror itself is phased out, several aspects of the process will
>remain.  One of the most useful and practical resources spawned from the
>mirror are the statistics generated.  It is our intention to continue to
>perform statistical analysis of defacements by utilizing the Alldas
>mirror.  We have already begun sharing incoming defacement notifications
>with them to help facilitate the accurate and consistent mirroring of
>sites as we learn of them.  We will also continue to provide commentary
>and articles on high profile defacements, significant trends or other
>activity that warrants attention.
>Resurrection and revamping of our Errata section should happen in the
>short term.  It has been an oft overlooked resource despite the
>infrequent updates.  With security and hackers becoming ever more
>popular with the press outlets, the need for vigilance is growing.  It
>is important for members of the security community to be aware of
>journalists and news outlets more interested in flashy headlines and a
>quick buck.
>The various subsections of our security page will continue to be updated
>including more guides to implementing security, testing security,
>forensics, incident response and more.  No doubt various staff members
>will continue to add to the 'rants' page as time goes on.
>Several other areas such as the image gallery, music reviews, movie
>reviews, poetry, contests, and the ever popular 'Going Postal' will now
>receive more attention.

B.K. DeLong
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