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Japan: Hacked Web Sites Being Rewritten with Anti-USA Material The
National Police Agency said Thursday [17 May] it has received a total of
97 complaints that local government and private company web sites have
been hacked and rewritten to include content slandering the US
government.  In response to the rise in such cases, the agency also
urged 18 companies selling computers for servers with "Solaris"
operating systems to request customers apply programmes designed to
counter such activity.

China Drafting Law to Improve Internet Security Xinhua news agency for
Hong Kong, Beijing Text of report by Yang Xiaohong carried by official
Chinese news agency Xinhua (New China News Agency) Zhao Meizhuang,
deputy director of the Ministry of Information Industry's Policy and
Regulation Department, said today that the Chinese government would
continue to tighten supervision and control over the Internet to ensure
the healthy development of the Internet industry.  Zhao Meizhuang made
these remarks at today's closing session of the "33rd World
Telecommunications Day Commemorative Forum and Internet Applications

Labour in anti-Tory flame war There are fears today that the election
could descend into a flame war after Labour Party activists allegedly
sent offensive emails personally attacking Tory politicians.  The
offensive and abusive emails have been condemned by both major political
parties but it's still too early to say whether Tory extremists will
retaliate with an equally vicious attack.  If that should happen then
the e-lection could descend into a vitriolic slanging match that would
even make fishwives blush.  A report by Ananova tells how one flame
contained a picture of Tory MP Ann Widdecombe with the words: "Vote
Labour...or next time she's naked."


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