[iwar] Speaking only for myself

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Per the message sent by Ozair:

> Comment; definition of IWAR and INFOSEC
> For the purpose of this group we have defined the IWAR to be closely related
> to the hack attacks, DOS and such events happening around the world.

I think that this material is somehow related to information warfare -
particularly when it has to do with how nation states are acting with
regards to each other.  Let's call it information conflict between
nations...  I do include propaganda and disinformation in my view of
information warfare.  If you want to discuss the definition, you might
begin by looking at the information warfare archives at all.net...

	=> Information Warfare
		=> 1995-6 IW list 
			=> Refs

This includes several definitions by different people and citations to
related works. 

> Suggestion: Agreement of Info Warfare
> I am not sure all countries can
> 1. agree on what Info war is
> 2. take common offensive strategies
> for the sole reason
> One man's bacon is another man's poison. Excuse the use of a cliché but it
> serves the purpose

Very nice subtle use of the laws of Kosher Ozair (both Moslems and Jews
have laws against eating pork).


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