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Date: 2001-06-04 17:29:53

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Tony and Fred and all,

 Having read Europe's thought on Internet Anonymity, we know how they want
to deal with Anonymity. Having read NSA's way of dealing with Anonymity I
wonder and am not surprised the way some criminals are caught(if they didn't
brag they more than likely wouldn't be caught).

 Good luck forcing ISP's to do much, as long as they are providing a service
and making money, they are happy, to pay engineers to configure there
routers to stop outgoing packets with bogus source addresses(wow who has the
money for that, locally or globally)

 Ok that is it, I am down to my last penny for comments tonight.


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Subject: RE: [iwar] news


Thanks for the support!

Fred, when you say "we know how to stop DoS attacks", should I assume that
you mean

a.  Forcing ISPs to not route outgoing packets with bogus source addresses
(and blacklisting those that do?)  Can this be done, globally?

b.  Abolishing Internet Anonymity?  Can this be done, globally?

c.  "And now for something entirely different ..."?

The only way to effect the (necessarily global) scope of these solutions is
to adopt new protocols, and then phase out (refuse to route) the previous

Is that your thought in this?



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