RE: [iwar] SSL Accelerators?

From: Glenn Williamson (
Date: 2001-06-06 17:44:01

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Subject: RE: [iwar] SSL Accelerators?
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Inregards to my last, my apologies for typo's my keyboard needs replacement
and I need to check on my spelling.


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From: Glenn Williamson []
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Subject: RE: [iwar] SSL Accelerators?
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 Just having spent a lengthy bit of time dealing with cryptographic
accelerators and purchasing 3 really exspenive ones. Cyrpto accelerators are
completly different in the description of ssl accelerators, There is a big
difference between the whole isssue of what is handed from the web server to
the crypto device which decrypts it and forwards the packet contents to the
appropriate server (store/ldap/directories) and the like. It does not strip
the encryption apart and then hands the device back to the server or router,
as this is what I percieved was being written.. I  may all wrong but having
read all of the News Releases, it is far from unique and if not mistaken is
a relativily simple device. SSL accelerators will do the job, but I think I
will stick with cryptographic accelerators that are designed for more than
just ssl stripping. Besides still trying to figure out the Router business,
since when did the router care (unless properly tuned) what was encapsulated
inside the original packet, if it did care from the word get go we would not
have any malformed packets hitting sites. Routers are only as good as the
people that maintain them, and I wouldn't give it to Walmart cashier to
configure. Sorry for all Walmart fans.

 These opinions are strictly personal and do not reflect anyone esle's

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From: Tony Bartoletti []
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 6:54 PM
Subject: Re: [iwar] SSL Accelerators?

At 02:16 PM 6/6/01 -0700, I wrote:
>This seem relevant to the packet-routing, DDoS issue.  The following link
>was recently brought to my attention:
>      <>

Regarding the link, sometimes cut'n'paste is wysiNwyg!
Crazy Software...

Regarding the article, I often fail to consider the possibility that the
author doesn't have a clue ...


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