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June 6, 2001

`Internet terrorist' to be sentenced today A wheelchair-bound Missouri
cyber-stalker who used child pornography, chat-room threats and violent
imagery to sow chaos at a Townsend middle school in 1999 faces
sentencing today after he pleaded guilty yesterday to multiple counts of
``Internet terrorism.'' Christian Hunold of Smithfield, Mo., the son of
two educators, admitted to charges stemming from a campaign of fear
unleashed in September 1999 against students and teachers at Hawthorne
Brook Middle School in Townsend, a town of 9,000 near Fitchburg.  Among
his acts, according to the state Attorney General's Office, Hunold
directed youths to Web sites featuring images of child pornography and
sex abuse that he himself had posted.  Those pictures, with names like
``Lilrape,'' were ``among the most graphic I have ever seen,'' said
Assistant Attorney General John Grossman. 

E-Mail From Bogus FTC Investigator Sought Personal Data A Federal Trade
Commission (FTC) investigation into a bogus work-at-home scheme became a
bit more complicated last month after a man pretending to be an FTC
employee e-mailed hundreds of the scam's victims seeking personal
information to be used as "evidence" in the investigation.  The
scam-within-a- scam stemmed from an ongoing investigation into Los
Angeles, Calif.-based Medicor, which stands accused of defrauding more
than 40,000 customers about the amount of money they could make from
using a home computer to process medical bills for physicians in their

Crop data vulnerable to hackers Poor computer security could let hackers
break into the federal agency that compiles crop forecasts for commodity
traders, according to a government audit.  The National Agricultural
Statistics Service's computers "are vulnerable to cyber-related attacks,
jeopardizing the integrity and confidentiality of NASS' critical
economic data," the audit said.  The audit noted the agency had violated
federal policy on computer security since 1997.  NASS, a part of the
U.S.  Department of Agriculture, collects crop data and issues forecasts
that are closely watched by commodity traders and farmers.  The data are
supposed to be a closely guarded secret until their release
date--otherwise unscrupulous traders could use the data to profit at the
expense of other investors. 

EU takes steps to boost Internet security The European Commission
presented proposals on Wednesday aimed at increasing network security in
Europe and raising awareness among users of the risks involved in using
the Internet.  The proposals identify the main security threats as
hacking, illegal interception of personal communication and data and
virus attacks.  They list several modes of action against these,
including a large-scale public awareness campaign across Europe aimed at
increasing knowledge of available security measures.  ``We need to
empower citizens so they know about the risks and they know how to
protect (themselves),'' Information Society Commissioner Erkki Liikanen
told a news conference. 

Lone Wolves Hunt Online The white supremacist movement is finding a new
voice on the Internet.  It's also finding a more violent way of
spreading its message.  The first neo-Nazi website appeared on the
Internet in 1995.  By 1998, more than 160 websites actively promoted
racial hatred.  Today, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a Jewish civil
rights group, estimates that there are more than 500 explicitly racist
sites on the Web.  While most websites, like the one devoted to the
World Church of the Creator, are protected under the First Amendment,
one site in particular is drawing attention from the ADL and federal law
enforcement agents.  Whiteracist.com is operated by well-known white
supremacist Alex Curtis, who is currently in jail awaiting sentencing
for civil rights violations.  On his site, Curtis promotes a new
ideology called Lone Wolf Activism.  It encourages devotees of the white
supremacist movement to act alone in violent ways. 

Net Security Conference: Denial Of Service Wars Heat Up The arms race
between hackers and security personnel continues unabated as each side
constantly strives to top the capabilities of the other - especially
when it comes to denial of service (DoS) attacks.  That is the message
from the "anti-hacking" symposium at The Internet Security Conference
(TISC), which takes place this week at the Century Plaza Hotel.  The
symposium featured Dr.  Stefan Savage, a professor at the University of
California, San Diego and chief scientist at Asta Networks in Seattle,
Wash.; and Dr.  Bill Hancock, chief security officer for Exodus


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