[iwar] Morphing and Other Impersonations

From: Tony Bartoletti (azb@llnl.gov)
Date: 2001-06-11 10:43:46

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From: Tony Bartoletti <azb@llnl.gov>
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Subject: [iwar] Morphing and Other Impersonations
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To c.b.r and all,

Indeed, I understand the threat which impersonation imposes.  It was about 
10 years ago when the cover of time magazine showed Albert Einstein dancing 
with Marilyn Monroe, and the cover title was

   Digital Retouching
     The End of Photography as Evidence of Anything

I recall being chilled to the bone, realizing just what this meant.

These kinds of change threaten much, but most of all they threaten our 
previous assumptions about the nature of channels we can trust.  If 
technology undermines those channels, we can either try to curtail that 
technology (unlikely in my estimation) or we can learn to adapt to new 
channels, or more specifically, develop communication regimes that employ 
"k of n" channels.

When we learn that we may not be able to trust any single TV or radio 
channel, or any particular newspaper photo or article, we must develop the 
habit of subscribing to many different "channels", too many for an attacker 
to subvert all at once.  This habit must become engrained in our way of 
viewing the world.

Such a "multi-channel" regime serves to thwart the attacker, but is 
unpopular both for its difficulty to exercise (most folks have their 
"favorite channel" and that's it), and for the fact that it threaten's a 
government's ability to control even the views provided domestically.

Perhaps entirely new ways of obtaining and distributing "news" will evolve.

The fact remains:  If someone can subvert that which is considered "me" 
(fingerprints, retina, whatever else) then I have no choice but to "revoke" 
these by making them ever more easily accessible, and work toward 
developing a more dynamic sense of "me" that does not stand still.

(By the way, good examples of the threat of impersonation!)


Tony Bartoletti 925-422-3881 <azb@llnl.gov>
Information Operations, Warfare and Assurance Center
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA 94551-9900


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