Re: [iwar] Cyber-BUDGETs are the next battlefield

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Date: 2001-06-22 23:35:34

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Junk:  Well, the Pentagon is getting a $15 Billion
plus-up which amonts to milk money to DOD.  That
USATODAY story was a laugh.  The color pix of
uniformed personell all doing something "effeciently"
amounts to nada in the big pix.  If SecDef Rumsfeld
understood what it meant to say IWAR was one of the
most profound threats to national security, he would
know that he talked it well, and then fell on his ass.

Pentagon acquisition cycles being as slow as they are 
insures we will continue to work with yesterdays
equipment and most likely some thrid rate people are
working the IWAR problem, with a few noted exceptions
like Fred Cohen and folks in this list.
We are starting to see tip of the iceberg level
attacks and I think it will require us having to get
our collective asses kicked as a country before any
significant changes occur to address this problem in a
proper manner. It's the "tombstone" approach to
spending.  Sort of like the FAA.

Given Jr. Bushes propensity to be fully unable to
choose people to work for him, Chairman Hugh may be
around for a bit until JR. remembers he is the
commander in chief and has to make these decisions. 
Gee, another tough day at the White House-arg!

Have a good weekend, junk

--- JunkMail Rosenberger <> wrote:
> I gotta admit -- USA Today ran a gushing, naive, and
> TIMELY front-page
> infowar story.  Writer Andrea Stone might end up
> giving the Pentagon a
> budget increase and a new JCS chairman.
> I won't bore everyone with a repeat of my full
> diatribe.  Read/listen to it
> at if
> interested.
> Rob

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