RE: [iwar] RE: China virus

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Date: 2001-04-07 11:28:47

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 Ozair/Rob/Fred and to all others.

 Ok, my opinion quickly came up when I read this, not knocking anyone by any
means, but my opinion has nothing to do with the spy plane, if only I had so
much time to read everything about the plane and everything that happened.

 If I was in my old profession, then I would know and care a great deal
about the subject, but after 18 years in DND and caring a great deal about
IWAR and various friends/foes in IWAR it came time to move on. I am still
inherently intrigued and interested in IWAR but it now stems from other
means, working in civilian life for a company all facets of IWAR mean a
great deal, but (BUT!) from a completely different perspective.

  When I made a comment it has nothing to due to China and the potential
problems that are ongoing but due to the subject of virus (anti-virus).
Having worked for DND one of our main concerns was with anti-virus software
and the deployment of. The fact that so many people create and expose
viruses for the rest of us to ponder, one wonders about the companies that
put the newest *dat files out, and the stories that surround them.

  Why is it when a new virus comes out it is extremely funny how quick each
of the anti-virus companies, make a statement and come out with a new *dat
file for protection. The moment the virus is released there is a new
protection. (how is this working with the anti-virus companies), sometimes
and I know if we check over the past 2 weeks, there is a company that rcv'd
a copy of the new virus that interacts with (windows/linux) and they are
stating it causes such damage.

 Funny thing about it is, that there had not been a single noted case in the
wild of this worm (virus) infecting any computers through-out the world.
Yet, the amount of stories written about this unique worm astound me. I
think a lot of it relates to what one would imagine as profit margin, the
quicker each company gets out the patch (*.dat) to deal with the problem,
and tells everyone about it, the quicker there profits will go up.

 Okay, that was strictly my opinion and not of company I currently work for,
we may be a partner to one of the above companies I just spoke about, but I
am not in there profit margin so I figured I would comment on it, I
apologize now to anyone who takes offence to this and now I will back in my
dark corner and works on TCP/IP/UDP and crypto.

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From: Ozair []
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2001 11:02 PM
Subject: RE: [iwar] RE: China virus

After reading all the mail on this topic. I think that the opinions are
voiced with such sentiments due to the recent Spy Plane case. And I believe
that Mr. Rob has very strong negative sentiments against Chinese.


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