Re: [iwar] [tus] Re: China Blames U.S. for Yet Another Mid-Air Collision. (fwd)

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Subject: Re: [iwar] [tus] Re: China Blames U.S. for Yet Another Mid-Air Collision. (fwd)
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Morning Fred:

Hey dont laugh.  Of any specific type of event JR. has heald in the much
vaunted "first 100 days", between eoonomic, defense policy, or even state
dinners, he has reached out to the poor young men in the professional sports
world with all of the pressure they must endure per home run. Numerically,
he has had more events to laud jocks-47 to be exact per sports chanel last
night-than any other type of event during the "salad days" of his
Presidency.  The Mid-Terms are only 196 days away, Shrub?  I think the
Republicans will get their butts whipped in the Congressionals.  He didnt
win the Presidency and I think if the economy starts dropping like a rock,
its going to get real interesting.
I have yet to finish a piece I wrote on China for you last night.  Think
about it when I send it out. Finally, if you would not mind, I made the
error of not checking a backup of my MS office on optical prior to puutting
the XP_OS on my new system.  While the Office XP is great stuff,  XP-OS is
trash-at least in beta 1. Makes me wish I had just kept Win2KPro + RedHat
Linux7.1-just out- on the machine.  I reasoned that XP-OS couyld not be much
different than Office XP.  Famous last words and I lost about a months worth
of hard drive.  Could be worse, I might have bought the OS.  Now I
understand why Microsoft is havinga cross country PR Parade complete with a
coupon for $100 off of XP-OS.  Now I understand why.  I still will go to
there D.C. event in ther am an d pick up the final version of Office XP.
It's worth the time for$500 worth of software, but the OS is a joke and I am
not sure why? Doesn't make any sense.  I have been up all night
writing-catch-up time-but I have to catch a few hours of ZZZZZZ,.
Have a good day, Fred.  You will like the china thing.ALOT!
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