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Sprint confirms denial-of-service attack Officials at Sprint Corp. 
confirmed late yesterday that what they described as a "very low impact"
denial-of- service attack occurred on the Sprint network Tuesday around
11 p.m.  Sprint spokesman Charles Fleckenstein said, "Sprint engineers
immediately identified those Internet service providers from which the
offending addresses originated, and those ISPs then blocked the
offending addresses." The length of the attack was undetermined at

Hackers destroy Singapore opposition party's cyber network Hackers
infiltrated the cyber network of a Singapore opposition political party
and deleted all 8,000 names on a public mailing list, a party official
said Thursday.  "I don't know who the culprits are but I don't think it
was done by general hackers because the attack was very specific.  I run
so many mailing lists but they specifically deleted this," said Steve
Chia, secretary general of the National Solidarity Party (NSP).  He
explained the NSP has four mailing lists -- one for party
decision-makers, another for party supporters, a third for general
discussions and the last to update the public and media about the
party's latest news and views.

Defacement Worm Strikes Quote.com Site An Internet worm that
automatically defaces Web sites claimed another high-profile victim
today, redecorating the home page of a site operated by Lycos' Quote.com
investment service.  The Sadmind/IIS worm replaced the home page of
Quote.com's Virtual Advisor Portfolio Tracker site with its trademark
anti-American message in red letters on a black background.  The
defacement as still viewable this morning. 

Tech-Savvy Consumers Worry About Computer Terrorism A study of
tech-savvy consumers in 19 cities around the world by Euro RSCG
Worldwide found they rely on word-of-mouth for technology information
and that cyber terrorism is a bigger worry than privacy issues.  Much
has been made of technology users' fears of loss of privacy.  Yet just
15 percent of the total sample of the Euro RSCG Worldwide survey agreed
completely that technology is a threat to personal privacy, while
another 31 percent agreed somewhat.  One-quarter of respondents
disagreed completely or somewhat.

UK govt new encryption system only works with MS kit The UK government's
increasing reliance on Microsoft software has been demonstrated yet
again with leaked documents regarding its new email encryption system. 
The documents - available on the cryptome.org site here - show that the
PGP setup will only work with Microsoft OSes and Microsoft's browser. 
With regard to email programs, it will work with just Lotus Notes,
Eudora and Microsoft's Outlook products.  We revealed a fortnight ago
that the government was planning a new email encryption system based on
Network Associates PGP security.  It's to be called PGP HMG. 


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