Re: [iwar] Arab/Israeli "CyberWar" of our own making

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Date: 2001-06-11 18:38:21

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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 18:38:21 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [iwar] Arab/Israeli "CyberWar" of our own making
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Per the message sent by Tony Bartoletti:

> At 07:40 PM 6/10/01 -0700, you wrote:

> >In the PLO vs. Israel conflict some of these things happenned.  For example:

> I am a bit troubled by "the PLO did...".  Perhaps it is true, but there are 
> also Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, and other fringe groups at work.  For 
> instance, I wonder if the PLO had any knowledge of the recent Disco suicide 
> bomber before the fact.  But as long as it is an anti-Israeli action, it 
> seems to be labeled "the PLO."  (Not that they are angels, mind you.)

I think you make an excellent point here - and one that the PLO and
others in the region understand well.  This is the politics of
terrorism.  Wait and see how it plays then claim or disclaim credit. 
The Israelis will say the same thing about the 'hackers' - not
sanctioned.  My point is that just as the Israelis did nothing to stop
the attacks from their side dispite the clear capability to do so - the
PLO did nothing to stop these attacks dispite the clear ability to do

How clear is this 'clear ability'? Good question.

The PLO intentionally released these folks from house arrest with the
full knowledge of what sorts of things they would do.  The continued to
not 'rearrest' them when they continued these bombings dispite the clear
ability to do so.  They started this as a policy after the Shron visit
to the Dome of the Rock as a matter of policy and they continued it till
the politics shifted. 

Israel knows who is launching attacks from their side, and they include
reserve military officers over which they have control should they
choose to exert it.  They do nothing to stop these attacks and they
clearly have the ability to do so.  This is done as a matter of national
policy - whether de-facto by ignoring it or explicitly by supporting it.

While I am here, let's talk about the US and China - same situation as
far as I can tell.

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